Daily Minyan

Be a part of a community

Daily Shaharit minyan takes place every Monday and Thursday at 07:30.
On the rest of the weekdays a regular shahrit prayer takes place around 07:30 , on which most times there is a full minian varying on the number of guests.

Do a mitzvah by attending Chabad Shenzhen’s daily morning Services, led by a group of dedicated lay people. If you are saying kaddish after the death of a loved one, if you are observing a yahrzeit or if you want to begin or end your workday with a moment of communal warmth and spiritual reflection, this is the place for you. For additional information, please contact Rabbi Shalom chabadsz@yahoo.com

Morning Minyan meets Monday through Friday at 07:30am. , Sunday and Federal holidays at 8:00am.

Being a part of a community, a kehillah, means caring for each other during the loss of a loved one. A inevitable part of life, losing a loved one is arguably the time when we need the support and guidance of Jewish tradition the most. We are available to assist you, comfort your family in your hour of need. For assistance, please contact us on: +86 755 8207 0712