Brit Mila/ Bar/ Bat Mitza

Jewish life cycle

Brit Mila
is one of our most fundamental jewish mitzvot , taking place on the 8th day of a male infant’s life. In neighboring Hong Kong resides a certified Mohel who can be contacted at any given time through Rabbi Shalom. The actual Brit Mila event can be celebrated at the Chabad House on due prior notice.
The synagogue is available for your bris, or you may choose to have the ceremony at your home

Bar/ Bat Mitzvah
The transition from child to teenager is an important milestone in any child’s life. Our emphasis is to foster an awareness that this milestone is only the beginning of Jewish life and help attain a greater appreciation of a Jewish adults responsibilities.
private tutoring, arranged to accommodate today’s demanding lifestyle, is available to help you prepare for this special day.
To arrange lessons or for more information please email or call +86 13556892441.