HK-Shenzhen Transportation

Varied and comfortable

1. By Private Shuttle Cost: around HKD780-1200
A private shuttle service is the fastest and most convenient way of reaching Shenzhen from Hong kong airport.
A recommended Driver by us would be Albert +8613902446107
Duration: Around 45mins

2. By Van: Cost: around HKD150
A 6 passenger van shuttle service leaving towards Huanggang boarder crossing. Or Shenzhen bay boarder crossing.
If you wish to use this service(2) please look for the limousine booth at the exit terminal. Upon arrival in Shenzhen just hop on a cab and specify your destination.
Duration: Around 1.5hours (you might require to wait for the van to be full with passengers, this channel transition from HK van to China local van and boarder passport check which mostly crowded)

3. By Ferry Cost: around HKD250
come to Shenzhen from HK Airport, if you can make to the Ferry Counter inside the Airport 1 Hour before the last ferry, namely by 8:30 PM. There are signs all over the place inside the Airport showing you how to get to the Ferry Transfer Desk after you arrive at the airport. It is located just before the immigration processing area as well as before the luggage pickup area. Taking the ferry to Shenzhen will by-pass entering Hong Kong altogether from the immigration point of view and the ferry will take you from the airport directly into China via the ferry port called Shekou in Shenzhen. After you purchase the ticket, you can give them the tags of your checked luggage and they will transfer them for you onto the ferry.
After you arrive in Shekou, pick up your checked luggage and do the immigration and custom processes. Then, go outside to take a taxi to your hotel. Please go to take a public taxi with taxi sign marked on the car.
Last Ferry: Shekou to HK 20:15; HK- to Shekou 21:30
Duration: About 30 minutes (no waiting required, short line for boarder passport check, recommended!)
Tel: 0755- 26691213 click here for ferry schedule