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Ever-Ready Culinary Bliss

Step into Chabad Shenzhen Restaurant and Food Services, a warm retreat of remarkable kosher dining tailored to meet the specific demands of your local needs in Shenzhen. At the core of our establishment, we prioritize your contentment, fostering indulgent dining experiences that transform each moment into a cherished memory. Our steadfast dedication to preserving culinary traditions underscores our commitment, placing emphasis on quality rather than the rapid pace often associated with "China speed." We extend a sincere invitation for you to take a moment, savor each experience, and immerse yourself in the carefully curated world of our kosher offerings.



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Xiao Lai

Skilled housekeeper and cooker, bringing warmth and efficiency to our house all days of the week.

Languages: Mandarin

Xia Ayi

A decade of dedicated service, masterfully managing housekeeping, cooking, and takeouts—our indispensable cornerstone.

Languages: Mandarin (with Hunan accent)

Mushka Levinger

Leading and uplifting Chabad Shenzhen with vibrant energy, dedication, and inspiring supervision. Fully owns the expansion of culinary experience.

Languages: Hebrew & English (and some Mandarin)

Made in China, Designed in Israel

Our culinary team seamlessly blends the expertise of Chinese cooking techniques with nostalgic tastes and innovative flair inspired by Israeli cuisine. The result: a harmonious fusion of flavors and techniques, uniquely crafted in our kitchen.

We deeply value your well-being. Our team is not only sensitive but also remarkably flexible, understanding the significance of accommodating individual needs. We invite you to share any allergies or dietary preferences, as your comfort and safety are of paramount importance to us.

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Lanyi Garden Villa 8B,
Old Shekou 51 St, Nanshan Dist.

Sunday — Saturday: all day, every day

Your generous donation ensures the continuity of our impactful initiatives and strengthens our community bonds.


Inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s vision, Chabad Shenzhen has provided a space for Jewish visitors in the city and the local community for the past 18 years.

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Lanyi Garden Villa 8B,
Old Shekou 51 St, Nanshan Dist.


Rabbi Shalom: +(86) 135 5689 2441

Chabad Wechat ID: chabad770

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